In six weeks, I will be moving to Michigan for graduate school.  With this migration from Florida (New Spain) to Michigan (New France), I thought it proper to explore the history and experiences of the Franciscans in the snowy North.  This section of the website will probably see the most usage while I am in Michigan, as I share snippets of research and discuss my efforts at interpreting these Recollet Franciscans to audiences in that region.  I still plan to continue the original design of the La Mision project, and portray a Spanish Franciscan in the La Florida missions, but will be unable to focus on that effort from 1,000 miles away and will have to await my return to the warmer regions.  This section will be less formal than how I am approaching the others on this site, and will be more of a "blog" with sporadic postings on various topics of interests that pertain to replicating a Recollet friar or exploring their relationship to the larger milieu of New France.  In the end, I hope it will be just as educational for my readers as it will be for myself as I develop interpretive programs appropriate for the modern Canadiennes I will be going among.

-Fray Adam

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