This section of the website is where we will be posting information on destinations of interest to the mission enthusiast.  Organized as an unique travel guide, the friar will be guiding our readers here through the La Florida missions and related sites of interest, noting the sites individual stories and how they fit into the larger picture.  We will be including pictures of the sites, information on how you can visit them yourselves, what there is to see and do, and what else there is to do in the immediate vicinity.  Eventually we hope to publish a walking tour map for St. Augustine geared towards the mission enthusiast, as well as road-trip guides for various aspects of the La Florida missions (Ex: The Missions of Guale, El Camino Real, etc.).  We are also considering a ranking system for all sites reviewed here based on the quality of their interpretation of the missions and cultural contact.  It is hoped that, if implemented, this scoring will encourage some friendly competition between sites for improving the quality of their interpretation and will benefit not only the enthusiast visitors but also the general public who visits as well.   

-Fray Adam