The "Mission Made" section of the website is to record our adventures in the material side of the mission system.  We will be exploring both Timucuan technologies (spanish moss weaving, ceramics, hopefully someday a dugout canoe) as well as Spanish (majolica construction, musical instruments, woodworking, reproducing a period missal, etc).  And even more importantly, we will be exploring the material goods where the cultures overlapped such as with colono-ware ceramics.  This section is aimed heavily towards recreating as authentic replicas as possible of the materials for eventual use in displays & presentations for school groups, and in the process actually recording full experimental archaeology studies on the methods involved in said replication.  All materials will be sourced as close to the originals as possible (I already have clay collected from a mission site for replicating the ceramics they used there), and the techniques and final products will be gauged directly against archaeologically derived originals. 

Fray Adam

    Mission Made

    Recreating the lifeways of Florida's Mission Populations


    June 2011