Greetings!  This section is where we will be exploring the languages of the various groups involved in the contact and mission eras of La Florida's history.  As soon as I am able to post regularly, ideally at least weekly, I hope to put up words or phrases in the format of (Timucuan-Castilian-English).  This is so that anyone who is interested might learn the languages, as I continue my studies of them for my various presentations.  It is also to assist mis amigos who are developing soldier and civilian impressions for the upcoming 450th Anniversary events in St. Augustine, and are trying to learn the Castilian with a spattering of the Timucuan for their own presentations then. 

Fray Adam

    Lengua de Timuquana

    Here we will be exploring the Timucuan indigenous and 16th-18thC Castilian languages with a regular word or phrase of the week/month. 


    June 2011